Ubuntu Win

February 3, 2011

I ever tell you I hate the program Putty? It’s just soooo poorly slapped together. The author has no concept of how a GUI app is supposed to look. I mean, awesome. free. yay. Somehow I never noticed you can directly get to your Serial ports in Linux without it! screen command. bash#screen /dev/ttyUSB0. That simple!

Now I don’t need to install crap, it’s easier on the eyes and more consistent with platform.

I did run into trouble though. My Ubuntu install won’t handle more than 2 USB-to-serial adaptors. Support forums at Ubuntu were not helpful. Basically ignored. Same thing happens with my 2×2 monitor setup. I was thinking of opening a case with Ubuntu, but I didn’t want to be charged it it’s something they can’t fix. Thoughts?


Vendor Stuff

January 13, 2011

When Cisco or Microsoft invite you to a technical presentation you always leave with a lot of great information. I feel educated. I feel really excited about the technology. But what I learned about other vendors (looking at you Symantec and Quest vRanger), what ever their invite reads, it’s a pure sales pitch.
I seriously don’t mind they they pitch the product, by all means. Do! But if you invite engineers (as in, not sales staff) to TECHNICAL presentation I don’t care about your stock price. I don’t care about your sales model. I don’t care about your merger. I don’t care. Tell me what problem you are solving, how to install it and how to fix it.

One more thing, if you give me a free t-shirt I’ll love you for at least a year. Or until your competitor gives me t-shirt.

Nook Color

January 6, 2011

So I bought a Nook Color for wife. She seems to love it. I managed a few hours on there myself and I have to say very impressed. Quick, responsive and easy to use. Really is an amazing budget device. But if Barns and Nobles wants to survive this incoming wave of tablets they are going to need 5 fixes before March/April or I am going to call this product dead in the water by June.

1) Flash, the web browsing is nice. But no flash. This has been a deal breaker for a couple people I have talked to.

2) Pandora sleep. Essentially the device puts itself to sleep while you are bumping your favorite tunes. Yeha, you can do into the advanced settings and disable sleep. But that is a lot of steps and is asking to much for the Nooks userbase. Just give me a disable sleep button or just do it for me!

3) Better facebook. Say I am reading my favorite book and wife FB posts something cute or funny. I want to know now! I don’t dont want to close my book and flip around. And I also want to turn this feature off with a single click.

4) Faster wifi reconnect. If you could HALF the time it takes to reconnect to a wifi network at boot or resuming from sleep that would be super! It’s one of those things that takes so long you wondering if there is a problem.

5) Break out of mobile browser. Many web sites detect the web browser as a Droid device an give you the mobile version of the site. ugh! I have a great sized screen. I don’t need or want the mobile version. Give me a one touch button that overrides the browser.navigator() and browswer.appver() methods to report itself as Chrome or something.

Interesting Site and a pass!

January 6, 2011

So I just passed 642-902. BY A HAIR! I probably didn’t deserve to pass. Then again, I don’t think my study materials covered everything I was being hit with anyway. Gonna spend a few days and read up on multicast and ISIS just so I can hob nob with the CCNPs who passed under the 642-901 exam. Then I need to hurry up and pass Server+. Yeah, you read it right. Server+. Why not? Free cert paid by work.

Then I am all about passing Cisco’s Switch exam. I have quickly discoved my old switches and packet tracer are not gonna cut it. Then my favorite tech hang out pointed me to packetlife.com looks like the people there just GIVE rack time away. PERFECT! There is wait, but who cares? You gotta read the chapters ahead of time anyway.

I went and reserved some time for a week from Saturday. I’ll let you guys know how it works out.  Really excited! Eventually I need to get a set of my own 3550s. Especially considering I want to take on voip later this year. But for now this is ideal.

Is Microsoft, really driving me away?

December 31, 2010

I have never been a Mac vs PC vs Linux guy. I like messing with technology in general. So if you toss DOS6.22 in front of me I have a blast messing with it!

That being said I have had to manage a lot of Cisco router and switches lately and I HATE putty. Seriously Microsoft, all you freaking need is a CLI version of SSH. Improve your copy/paste from the cmd.exe and finally, how about some color? That old DOS screen hurts my eyes after 5-6 hours. So I have found I have not used Windows once in the last month or so. MacOS and Ubuntu only.

You would at least think with all the smoke getting blown around about the powershell command line we could at least get ssh there?

So Microsoft, just look at what Apple and Ubuntu are doing for their terminals. And copy it! Toss it in a Windows update and you won’t loose a customer.


December 15, 2010

So I had a user open a ticket a few weeks ago. “Flash won’t work on new iphone”

Sigh. So without asking the IT department in anyway, this dude bought a handful of iphone for his staff with contract. His goal was for them to be able to use their company site on it. They have some Adobe Flash front end to some sort of salesforce thing (out of my scope). Anyhow, we let him know iPhones don’t support Flash and recommended Droid 2 and X as alternatives.

Dude was pissed. Another day at the help desk 😦

I hate AV

December 2, 2010

Here is the thing, I hate AV! It makes your computer take longer to load, slower to operate and offers only minor protection. Think about it? How many times has someone had Norton/McAfee/Trend installed and suddenly still “WIN ANTI VIRUS 2012 ” pop up on the machine. They simply cannot protect all avenues of software. ‘

Anyhow, I reached a point a few years back where Norton had locked my machine up. I threw my hands up and gave not used AV since. I once and a while scan my machine. With the exception of cookies, never found a thing. I questions it’s point at this point in the game. Especially considering the major sources of malware being Flaws in QuicktTime, Flash, Firefox etc. The AV software would need to have a jailing mechanism for these third party apps. Which they don’t. So it can’t help against a major inroad of viruses.

Anyhow, maybe I should always use an underdog operating system? Smaller desire to attack it?

Anyhow, here is an email I received from the company the makes our remote access software, Kaseya.

Dear Partners,

It has been reported that some machines are unable to boot after the last AVG 2011 update version 3292. We recommend NOT REBOOTING/SHUTTING DOWN the Machines which have AVG 2011 installed on them.

More information is available in the FAQ’s below:

AVG Corporate web – http://www.avg.com/faq?num=4079
AVG Free web – http://free.avg.com/faq?num=4080

Please note that both AVG Pro and AVG Free can be impacted. Older AVG versions (9.0, 8.5) are not affected.

The situation has been caused by an incorrect CTF file used during the update (AVG 9.0 core has been offered to AVG 2011 clients).

AVG is currently working on a solution (utility) for all affected users, both those who have not restarted their computer yet and also those who were already affected by the BSOD.

The FAQ’s will be updated as soon as the utilities are ready.

Please do not contact Zenith Support team if the desktops are unable to boot. Follow the steps mentioned in the FAQ or contact AVG Support team.