Just an update

October 30, 2010

So I passed my Linux+, by the skin of my teeth by the way. PURE trivia. I hear the LPI version of the exam are just as bad. Since passing I have been working my ass off trying to get my MCSE:Security certification. I know it’s an older cert, and certainly not exactly employable. But I have always admired the people who go just a bit farther than they need to.

There is no lack of CCNAs and MCSEs who come knocking on our door for a job. But I always look twice when I see CCNA:Sec or MCSE:Messaging. These are people who actually went one step father than they were required to. Love it.

Anyhow read the Microsoft Press book cover to cover. I took a class on 70-298 and 70-299 last yearish. Also using http://www.vtc.com’s great vids. Coming a long pretty well.