MacOS or Ubuntu

December 1, 2010

Really digging my Macintosh right now after a frustrating day in the Windows XP world. Not sure if I am having more fun with the Mac or Ubuntu… tough decision. I suppose Ubuntu is free, so they win. But the Mac seems more refined. Dang, tough decision. GRR.



November 12, 2010

Yeah, you heard it. I completely just read MacOS10.5 support essentials cover to cover. Labbed it for about 10 hours. Starting in the 10.6 version of the book today. I wonder if I am actually qualified to take a shot at the exam? Since the job pays for it, why not give it a shot.


November 9, 2010

So I decided to check out Mac a few months ago. Picked myself up a Mac mini off ebay. I confirmed it worked, but didn’t do anything else with it. Finally broke down and snagged a KVM and am using it this very moment. It’s running system 10.5 which feels pretty dated as far as the interface. I guess I am spoiled with Ubuntu 10 and win7. But I hear 10.6 has a more modern feel. So I snagged a copy of that too. I’ll upgrade in a couple days after I played around a bit more with 10.5.

I am shocked to hear this thing has a core duo. My P4 runs smoother doing video etc. But I do have to say that the itunes runs a lot better on Mac than it does windows. I also have to say the form factor is amazing, which I guess is what you are really paying for.

Anyone know of a way to lock these to a desk?

Seriously needs a memory upgrade. 1gig isn’t gonna cut it for web browsing and word processing with Neo office.