Ubuntu Win

February 3, 2011

I ever tell you I hate the program Putty? It’s just soooo poorly slapped together. The author has no concept of how a GUI app is supposed to look. I mean, awesome. free. yay. Somehow I never noticed you can directly get to your Serial ports in Linux without it! screen command. bash#screen /dev/ttyUSB0. That simple!

Now I don’t need to install crap, it’s easier on the eyes and more consistent with platform.

I did run into trouble though. My Ubuntu install won’t handle more than 2 USB-to-serial adaptors. Support forums at Ubuntu were not helpful. Basically ignored. Same thing happens with my 2×2 monitor setup. I was thinking of opening a case with Ubuntu, but I didn’t want to be charged it it’s something they can’t fix. Thoughts?


MacOS or Ubuntu

December 1, 2010

Really digging my Macintosh right now after a frustrating day in the Windows XP world. Not sure if I am having more fun with the Mac or Ubuntu… tough decision. I suppose Ubuntu is free, so they win. But the Mac seems more refined. Dang, tough decision. GRR.

Ubuntu Win!

December 1, 2010

Check this out. I have the shittiest, and I mean shittiest ESXi server. SOOO little resources free.

I needed a TFTP server. Installed Ubuntu 10.10 server, OpenSSH and installed TFTP on there. Set permissions on the folder and BAM! I couldn’t believe it . Runs at 48 megs of ram, plus a 4 more for video. I allocated 96megs, SOOO wasteful. Cut it down to 68megs. VERY happy.

Now I tossed a vsFTP server on another server, gave it a TERRIBLE wasteful 128ram. Super great.

Anyhow, I just wanted to point out what would have cost me hundreds of dollars and consuming most my resources in the Windows world was, free, secure and had NO foot print. Unsadly I am having to run Ubuntu now so I can SSH in without some silly putty client.

I seriously think Microsoft is driving me to Linux.

Ubuntu 10.10 and the wife…

November 8, 2010

Okay, last post today. Then I’ll go back to ignoring my 3 readers.

I just bought my wife a new laptop. i3/4gigs ram/500gb HDD. Really her old laptop was probably fast enough. But it was just in a sorry state. She had it since the Core Duo’s came out. One of those ugly silver Dells.

Anyhow, Win7, Office etc etc all installing and I am migrating the data now. So I am going to bump the RAM up and give her Ubuntu on her old machine. I think I want to do 10.10 since it’s a little prettier. But 10.4 is of course LTS. She isn’t gonna want to upgrading a year from now.

Ultimately she just wants to check it out as her job is always looking for ways of saving money. And FOSS is on the table but none of them are really comfortable with the idea, yet.

Thoughts on 10.10 vs 10.4 for her? How about giving them the tools they need to make the right call on FOSS vs a traditional solution?

Ubuntu 10.10 Review – 2×2, quad monitor

November 8, 2010

As we know I have been pretty dang happy with Ubuntu 10.10 so far. This is more me crying than a fair review since I used supported drivers.

Not all things went well with Ubuntu 10.10. Tossed it on my desktop machine when I run a 2×2 monitor setup. Initially I couldn’t get it to work, had to really tweak with the xfree settings. All I could get were mirrors to work. At this point, over an hour messing with things. I would really like to see a better GUI for this.

hint: If you are on linux right now, hit Ctrl+alt+backspace. SOOO helpful.

Finally got 2×2 to work after installing NVidia unsupported (yes, unsupported, comments not needed) drivers. Here is the kicker. When I placed my mouse cursor in the near center, that is center of the 2×2 screens. The mouse would start bouncing around and I would loose all control. Best guess I could make was the different instances of the window manager were not handing off control of mouse correctly. Anyhow, this required a forced shutdown.

Best I can tell it’s an Ubuntu thing. I tried it on Fedora, no issue with Nvidia drivers.

Starting to do a bug report, but after some reading it seems it seems it’s not worth my time to mention a proprietary driver is having a specific issue with their OS. They are pretty specific when you enable it too “we don’t support this!”.

So the desktop is on Win7 still and Ubuntu in a VM.

Ubunutu 10.10 Review – USB to Serial

November 8, 2010

Alright, again. I don’t really do full reviews as much as talk about things I really enjoyed (or hated)

So I am at work, I need to console into a 3560 switch to change some VLAN crap some other tech broke. I plug my USB-Serial converted into my $2000 Windows 7 laptop. And of course, doesn’t detect. I try installing the driver off the web site, doens’t support x64. SOOO I try to get it to work in XP mode, nope. I try another USB-Serial adapter, my machine locks up this time mistaking the old driver I just tried to install for the new device. Sigh.

I grab a Lenovo T40 we use to even out a table leg, in less than 15 minutes I have Ubuntu 10.10 installed and the USB-Serial adapter detects! Changes made done.

Shortly later, I realized I could SSH from the command line. You know how nice that is!?!? COMMON Microsoft. Are you even trying? PowerShell and the Windows command prompt lack an SSH CLIENT! Really? Are you trying to walk sys admins away?

Anyhow, I can assure you my work laptop now has Ubuntu 10.10 dual booting on it.

Ubuntu 10.10 Install

October 30, 2010

So this isn’t really a review. I’ve always felt a project the size of an operating system can’t be “reviewed”as a whole. But only piece by piece. BUT…

One thing before I get back to my beer. I recently upgraded my machines from 10.04 to 10.10. Other problems I have aside, I love the installer! It installs WHILE you answer questions. I mean I was impressed with Windows 7’s install speed, rightfully so. But this was so slick! Questions answered, wait 5 minutes, done!

Not sure what project developed that installer, but they are my new heroes. I can’t help but feel my pride in my Zero touch installs of Vista/7 slowly dying 🙂