Interesting Site and a pass!

January 6, 2011

So I just passed 642-902. BY A HAIR! I probably didn’t deserve to pass. Then again, I don’t think my study materials covered everything I was being hit with anyway. Gonna spend a few days and read up on multicast and ISIS just so I can hob nob with the CCNPs who passed under the 642-901 exam. Then I need to hurry up and pass Server+. Yeah, you read it right. Server+. Why not? Free cert paid by work.

Then I am all about passing Cisco’s Switch exam. I have quickly discoved my old switches and packet tracer are not gonna cut it. Then my favorite tech hang out pointed me to looks like the people there just GIVE rack time away. PERFECT! There is wait, but who cares? You gotta read the chapters ahead of time anyway.

I went and reserved some time for a week from Saturday. I’ll let you guys know how it works out.  Really excited! Eventually I need to get a set of my own 3550s. Especially considering I want to take on voip later this year. But for now this is ideal.