So I had a user open a ticket a few weeks ago. “Flash won’t work on new iphone”

Sigh. So without asking the IT department in anyway, this dude bought a handful of iphone for his staff with contract. His goal was for them to be able to use their company site on it. They have some Adobe Flash front end to some sort of salesforce thing (out of my scope). Anyhow, we let him know iPhones don’t support Flash and recommended Droid 2 and X as alternatives.

Dude was pissed. Another day at the help desk 😦


2 Responses to iPhones

  1. daniebob says:

    He can’t possibly blame you guys for his own stupidity and poor research skills. Right? Sorry babe.

    • Daniel says:

      Heh, the story went on to him yelling about Flash working on his other phone and not believing us. He went to the Apple store and they blamed Salesforce. He came back and insisted that we get on the phone with Salesforce to discuss them not supporting iPhone. Not sure how it worked out…

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