Is Microsoft, really driving me away?

I have never been a Mac vs PC vs Linux guy. I like messing with technology in general. So if you toss DOS6.22 in front of me I have a blast messing with it!

That being said I have had to manage a lot of Cisco router and switches lately and I HATE putty. Seriously Microsoft, all you freaking need is a CLI version of SSH. Improve your copy/paste from the cmd.exe and finally, how about some color? That old DOS screen hurts my eyes after 5-6 hours. So I have found I have not used Windows once in the last month or so. MacOS and Ubuntu only.

You would at least think with all the smoke getting blown around about the powershell command line we could at least get ssh there?

So Microsoft, just look at what Apple and Ubuntu are doing for their terminals. And copy it! Toss it in a Windows update and you won’t loose a customer.


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