Ubuntu Win!

December 1, 2010

Check this out. I have the shittiest, and I mean shittiest ESXi server. SOOO little resources free.

I needed a TFTP server. Installed Ubuntu 10.10 server, OpenSSH and installed TFTP on there. Set permissions on the folder and BAM! I couldn’t believe it . Runs at 48 megs of ram, plus a 4 more for video. I allocated 96megs, SOOO wasteful. Cut it down to 68megs. VERY happy.

Now I tossed a vsFTP server on another server, gave it a TERRIBLE wasteful 128ram. Super great.

Anyhow, I just wanted to point out what would have cost me hundreds of dollars and consuming most my resources in the Windows world was, free, secure and had NO foot print. Unsadly I am having to run Ubuntu now so I can SSH in without some silly putty client.

I seriously think Microsoft is driving me to Linux.