Nook Color

January 6, 2011

So I bought a Nook Color for wife. She seems to love it. I managed a few hours on there myself and I have to say very impressed. Quick, responsive and easy to use. Really is an amazing budget device. But if Barns and Nobles wants to survive this incoming wave of tablets they are going to need 5 fixes before March/April or I am going to call this product dead in the water by June.

1) Flash, the web browsing is nice. But no flash. This has been a deal breaker for a couple people I have talked to.

2) Pandora sleep. Essentially the device puts itself to sleep while you are bumping your favorite tunes. Yeha, you can do into the advanced settings and disable sleep. But that is a lot of steps and is asking to much for the Nooks userbase. Just give me a disable sleep button or just do it for me!

3) Better facebook. Say I am reading my favorite book and wife FB posts something cute or funny. I want to know now! I don’t dont want to close my book and flip around. And I also want to turn this feature off with a single click.

4) Faster wifi reconnect. If you could HALF the time it takes to reconnect to a wifi network at boot or resuming from sleep that would be super! It’s one of those things that takes so long you wondering if there is a problem.

5) Break out of mobile browser. Many web sites detect the web browser as a Droid device an give you the mobile version of the site. ugh! I have a great sized screen. I don’t need or want the mobile version. Give me a one touch button that overrides the browser.navigator() and browswer.appver() methods to report itself as Chrome or something.


Nook Color

November 22, 2010

I have to admit I have been completely out of touch with this whole e-reader phenomenon and smart phones for that matter. I say this since I walked into a Barns and Nobles today and saw a Nook Color. I was shocked! Not only was its screen ideal for reading it had a really great web browsing experience. No joke! Tried all dozen web sites I normally use and they worked great! I don’t understand the bad mouthing of this thing. Sure, I am new to these things but can you really get a better web experience for $200 that weighs basically nothing. SERIOUSLY! Amazing. If this thing would just get applib or something like that on it would be awesome. Angry birds baby!

Oh yeah, and there something about ebooks or something.