Ubunutu 10.10 Review – USB to Serial

November 8, 2010

Alright, again. I don’t really do full reviews as much as talk about things I really enjoyed (or hated)

So I am at work, I need to console into a 3560 switch to change some VLAN crap some other tech broke. I plug my USB-Serial converted into my $2000 Windows 7 laptop. And of course, doesn’t detect. I try installing the driver off the web site, doens’t support x64. SOOO I try to get it to work in XP mode, nope. I try another USB-Serial adapter, my machine locks up this time mistaking the old driver I just tried to install for the new device. Sigh.

I grab a Lenovo T40 we use to even out a table leg, in less than 15 minutes I have Ubuntu 10.10 installed and the USB-Serial adapter detects! Changes made done.

Shortly later, I realized I could SSH from the command line. You know how nice that is!?!? COMMON Microsoft. Are you even trying? PowerShell and the Windows command prompt lack an SSH CLIENT! Really? Are you trying to walk sys admins away?

Anyhow, I can assure you my work laptop now has Ubuntu 10.10 dual booting on it.