Ubuntu 10.10 Review – 2×2, quad monitor

November 8, 2010

As we know I have been pretty dang happy with Ubuntu 10.10 so far. This is more me crying than a fair review since I used supported drivers.

Not all things went well with Ubuntu 10.10. Tossed it on my desktop machine when I run a 2×2 monitor setup. Initially I couldn’t get it to work, had to really tweak with the xfree settings. All I could get were mirrors to work. At this point, over an hour messing with things. I would really like to see a better GUI for this.

hint: If you are on linux right now, hit Ctrl+alt+backspace. SOOO helpful.

Finally got 2×2 to work after installing NVidia unsupported (yes, unsupported, comments not needed) drivers. Here is the kicker. When I placed my mouse cursor in the near center, that is center of the 2×2 screens. The mouse would start bouncing around and I would loose all control. Best guess I could make was the different instances of the window manager were not handing off control of mouse correctly. Anyhow, this required a forced shutdown.

Best I can tell it’s an Ubuntu thing. I tried it on Fedora, no issue with Nvidia drivers.

Starting to do a bug report, but after some reading it seems it seems it’s not worth my time to mention a proprietary driver is having a specific issue with their OS. They are pretty specific when you enable it too “we don’t support this!”.

So the desktop is on Win7 still and Ubuntu in a VM.