Nook Color

I have to admit I have been completely out of touch with this whole e-reader phenomenon and smart phones for that matter. I say this since I walked into a Barns and Nobles today and saw a Nook Color. I was shocked! Not only was its screen ideal for reading it had a really great web browsing experience. No joke! Tried all dozen web sites I normally use and they worked great! I don’t understand the bad mouthing of this thing. Sure, I am new to these things but can you really get a better web experience for $200 that weighs basically nothing. SERIOUSLY! Amazing. If this thing would just get applib or something like that on it would be awesome. Angry birds baby!

Oh yeah, and there something about ebooks or something.


One Response to Nook Color

  1. daniebob says:

    If you get it for me for Christmas, I just might let you play with it. 😉

    I was impressed by it too. I was also happy to see that my library offers an e-book format that works with the Nook. Makes life easier (and cheaper) when it comes to reading.

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