Ubuntu 10.10 and the wife…

Okay, last post today. Then I’ll go back to ignoring my 3 readers.

I just bought my wife a new laptop. i3/4gigs ram/500gb HDD. Really her old laptop was probably fast enough. But it was just in a sorry state. She had it since the Core Duo’s came out. One of those ugly silver Dells.

Anyhow, Win7, Office etc etc all installing and I am migrating the data now. So I am going to bump the RAM up and give her Ubuntu on her old machine. I think I want to do 10.10 since it’s a little prettier. But 10.4 is of course LTS. She isn’t gonna want to upgrading a year from now.

Ultimately she just wants to check it out as her job is always looking for ways of saving money. And FOSS is on the table but none of them are really comfortable with the idea, yet.

Thoughts on 10.10 vs 10.4 for her? How about giving them the tools they need to make the right call on FOSS vs a traditional solution?


One Response to Ubuntu 10.10 and the wife…

  1. daniebob says:

    I love my new laptop! Definitely used to my new keyboard and so far it’s going so much faster than my old one.

    Also, I work in a library. Some of my coworkers and library decision makers aren’t always the best at accepting new computer stuff. Ask me about switching over from Anzio to Millennium Circulation sometime. But if I can talk to them with a grain of actual knowledge I might be able to convince them to at least look at FOSS as an acceptable solution.

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